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Alegria Fair Trade & Adventures

  • Why the Women Empowered Market Matters

    The Women Empowered Market was founded to provide opportunities to local and global women entrepreneurs and programs working with women, work toward economic justice and fair wages, and offer meaningful goods and services to shoppers.
  • Back to Mexico: Dream Bigger

    Twenty years after a trip to Mexico City peaked my interest in global poverty and causes, I return again for a social impact training kickoff, and life feels full-circle. It's a good time to dream bigger and look ahead to the future.
  • Economic Empowerment Fights Poverty

      When we shop with purpose and choose products that care for the makers, more people have fair and living wages in their jobs. When we empower p...
  • What if Fair Trade matters?

    Fair Trade Matters. What these global friends need most is our solidarity. Our investment in what matters in their region. Our commitment to provide a market where they can run their businesses. And that creates opportunity. More.